Photography requires inspiration, time, technique and some equipment. Below are some of them.


Art Wolfe
Ansel Adams
Ansel Adams @ Artsy
Henri Cartier Bresson


I use a lot of Nikon stuff, film and digital, older and modern lenses. My black & white images are mostly done on film, but some are done digitally and then converted. I like the intimacy that my old film body with a 50mm lens brings. People open up and care less about being photographed than with a larger digital camera and bigger lenses. It also perfectly prevents me from looking at the display after each shot to see whether it worked. I focus more on seeing and shooting well that way.

My landscape work is done almost always with a big sturdy tripod, digital cameras and whatever lens feels right for the subject. I do get up before first light a lot, though.

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An Egret takes flight in the lagoon of Batemens Bay.

Egret Taking Flight, Batemans Bay, Australia

An Egret takes flight in the lagoon of Batemens Bay.