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A worker in Lijiang, Yunnan, smiles at the viewer, as he lets the day slip by on the town square.
People of China, China
China is full of interesting people. The contrasts between old and new are overwhelming, and so are the faces that we...
High atop one of the many pillars holding up the maglev, three workers look out over the construction site near Shanghai.

They invited my up, so I climbed the ramshackle stairs.
Maglev Construction, Shanghai, China
A new high-speed maglev train will connect Shanghai to Beijing, cutting travel times from 10.5 hours to four. The wor...
These old, intricately hammered fittings on the doors create a great contrast with the red varnish of the wood. Dragons are depicted on many of them, symbolizing power and long life.
Forbidden City, Beijing, China
The old imperial palace, also known as the Forbidden City, lies in the heart of Beijing. Surrounded by a wide moat an...
The sun bursts through a cloud covered sky onto the mist covered islets of the bay. At the end of a long day, with only a single shot left on my card, I stopped by the road as the sky cleared enough to let the sun shine through.
Mystically beautiful, the bay is West of the 12 apostles along the Great Ocean Road running from Melbourne to Adelaide.
Impressions of Australia, Australia
The images in this collection were taken in 2007, during a visit to New South Wales and Victoria in the middle of win...
On old, beat up ladle sits on an open bag of rice. The rice is measured and packed there on the spot and different types are on display.
An Old Market in Shanghai, Shanghai
Markets like these are all over Shanghai. The largest part of the population is shopping here for meat, fish, vegetab...
Shot as a high dynamic range image (HDR), during a rare sunset in Shanghai, the shot combines different exposures to show the unusual sky with lots of detail in the clubhouse and water. 
The living compound at the Western end of Changning district is typical for Shanghai's wealthier people, with several high rises encircling playgrounds, indoor and outdoor pools, tennis courts, golf driving range and clubhouse.
The HDR technique allows us to show the scene like the human eye would perceive it, extending the dynamic range upwards and downwards by two stops each.
Shanghai Cityscapes, Shanghai
Shanghai is an endless sea of high rises. Some of the worlds taller building stand there, rubbing shoulders with rams...
A bus parking lot in the early morning light, shot from above. The sunlight reflecting from the ground creates nice geometric forms.
Shanghai Street Scenes, Shanghai
From the backroads and little alleys of Shanghai
The Jade Snow Mountain close to Lijiang beckons through the clouds. It is covered in snow year round, and many attempts to climb it have failed. In it's vicinity are other peaks, but also golf courses, and man made attractions where children can ride yaks in the river and more.
Landscapes, World
Landscapes are forever interesting and challenging. They change with the light and season, but stay otherwise the sam...
Large incense sticks are burning in a temple. Intricate patterns and writing create a beautiful color scheme. These candles have the same function as candles in Western churches and can be found everywhere.
Colorful dots from around the world, World
A collection of colorful images from everywhere.
The early morning sun required a long exposure to capture this Black Oyster Catcher on the Californian coast, making beautifully abstract patterns out of the sea.
Birds, California, Australia
There are some great opportunities to study birds, their behaviour and their beauty. I am not much for spotting rare ...
Crafted from the finest wood, the blue exterior contrasts with the light color of the wood to produce an powerful interplay.
Cigar Humidores, Shanghai
These limited edition humidores by Genco Berk are as interesting to shoot as they are to own. Genco asked my to take ...