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2009-11-11 09:02:51 UTC

Early on, I had created a couple of simple sites for specific trips that I did. I just resurrected them and made them for sentimental value. Have look:

Summer in Oregon, 2006. I documented a trip I made with a few colleagues, the highlight was rafting on the White Salmon River, which was fun in the first part and then just beautiful as we drifted along, surrounded by fog.

Bali, 2007. A magical island, as long as you stay away from the overcrowded tourist areas and head out into the heart land, with its temples, rice terraces, sloping mountains and interesting people.

Lijiang, 2007. High up in the mountains of Yunnan, Lijiang offers a nice respite from the heat of the Eastern Seaboard. It is also full of tacky tourist traps, cheap stuff and bars. Beyond, the country has deep red soil, rocky mountains, some eternally covered with snow and offers interesting tracking routes into Tibet and Sichuan.


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