Recent Activity

Photo Bird Attack published.

A pelican starts his dive for the fish in the waters some 20 meters below. In the background, the morning sun shines on the mission of Santa Barbara.

Photo Wingspan published.

These Brown Pelikans have an enormous wingspan and glide along the wind in search of food.

Photo Feeding Time published.

A young seagull is trying to get some food out of her mother. What looks like a fight is really just normal rituals.

Photo Snowy Egrets published.

Dusk was getting on, when a snowy egret landed right in front of me in the water. After a short while another came. Then another. They all lined up ...

Photo Shorebirds published.

Shorebirds are congregating in the shallow waters of Morro Bay. A mixture of quite environment (in winter, at least) and rich, shallow waters draws ...

Photo Willet published.

This Willet was sitting in the bird preserve of the Elkhorn slew, between San Jose and Pacific Grove.

Photo Three Birds on a Wire published.

These birds were perching on a power line in the early morning. Shot against the sky and moon they are just plain funny to look at.

Photo Black Oyster Catcher published.

The early morning sun required a long exposure to capture this Black Oyster Catcher on the Californian coast, making beautifully abstract patterns ...

Album Birds published.

There are some great opportunities to study birds, their behaviour and their beauty. I am not much for spotting rare birds, but think of these photos ...

Photo Orphan published.

A child in an orphanage in Shanghai is looking straight at the viewer. With little hope of adoption these children have little to look forward to and ...