Recent Activity

Photo Cigarette Break published.

Like everywhere else in China, cigarettes oil the haggling and are never far from reach at the fish market.

Photo Fishmarket Dealings published.

Traders judge the wares and make up their minds how much to pay. The fish market in Shanghai is old, simple and the action is over by 7am, yet a lot ...

Photo Boat Landing published.

The old wood on the boat landing on the Lago di Como shines in the sunshine, while the lake lies black, awaiting a summer.

Photo Tower in Lake published.

The tower has stood in the lake by the pass for many years, as a sign to travelers that they have made it across. We wanted to pass over the next one ...

Photo Blow Hole published.

A blow hole on the South coast of Australia erupts with a 10 meter high fountain. From here on South, there is nothing but ocean until Antarctica.

Photo Sunset published.

The sun sets over the Blue Mountains in Australia. Clouds lit from behind and below shine like fire.

Photo Egret Taking Flight published.

An Egret takes flight in the lagoon of Batemens Bay.

Photo Black Lagoon and Swans published.

Suiting their black color, the sewage from the city behind the lagoon is no less black than the swans on this overcast day.
Although the lagoon ...

Photo Black Swan Couple published.

These black swans make a home of the little lagoon. Here the composition just fell into my lap, as I waited in the early morning for something interesting ...

Photo Portrait of a Pelican published.

A Brown Pelican poses in the morning sun to have his portrait taken. Rather than being shy, these birds are inquisitive and hardly mind human presence.